Kigali: Opposition Parties mourn the death of FDU coordinator

Monday night at around 10 PM, falls on the social networks, the information on the death of Mr. Syldio Dusabumuremyi, the National Coordinator of FDU Inkingi, who was killed by unidentified people, few hours ago.

The information comes first from the members of FDU Inkingi, including the party president, Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.\

“Our party deplores the assassination of its National Coordinator, Mr Dusabumuremyi. He was savagely stabbed by two individuals this 23/09/2019 shortly after 21h. Subsequent to several unclear assassinations of our militants we have no hope that his murder will be clarified.”
“Assassinated less than an hour ago, this Monday, September 23, 2019. Dusabumuremyi Syldio was the national coordinator of the FDU inkingi party, he was the second to VictoireUmuhoza in Rwanda. Opposition members are steadily killed …”

In the communiqué N ° 12 / PS.IMB / NB / 2019: “of PS Imberakuri – the branch of Bernard Ntaganda, he declares:” The PS Imberakuri Party strongly condemns the weird assassination of Mr Dusabumuremyi Syldio, the national coordinator INKINGI FDU, that took place in Rwanda this Monday, September 23, 2019 around 9 PM. … The PS Imberakuri Party calls on all Rwandan security organs to shed light on the circumstances of these killings and arrest the guilty parties … “

Bernard Ntaganda adds: “, the PS Imberakuri Party calls on the international community to investigate all political killings targeting Rwandan opposition political leaders, so to ensure the oppressors are arrested and brought to justice.”

French version of PS party declaration

The assassination of Syldio National coordinator of FDU – Inkingi recalls that of Mr Anselme Mutuyimana, FDU’s spokersperson , killed in March 2019, and his body found in Gishwati natural forest.

The four above are FDU high cadres. The first one “Boniface” was gone missing, three others assassinated.

John Williams NTWALI


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