SINA Gerard to set Nyirangarama products on international standards in 2020

Sangiza abandi

Made in Rwanda icon and Rwandan tycoon SINA Gerard has reiterated his commitment to reposition the products of Entreprise Urwibutso on foreign markets, particularly Europe and America.

“I will continue to reposition the Entreprise Urwibutso products in 2020 on the international markets, especially Europe and the United States,” observed SINA Gerard in his New Year’s message to Rwandans.

SINA said that 2019 was a good year for his company registered several achievements including increase in the number and quantity of products he puts on the foreign markets.

Sina’s vision to build a robust agro-processing industry spurred various activities throughout 2019 and the company’s new partnership with the Rhineland-Palatinate opens new opportunities in capacity building as the European company boasts of huge experience and expertise in wine processing.

On August 29, 2019 Sina hosted a delegation from the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate led by Dr. Volker Wissing the Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture. Also, their visit meant an expansion of the Nyirangarama wine market to German.

Mr. SINA Gerard, the owner and Managing Director of Entreprise Urwibutso wishes Rwandans a Happy and Prosperous New Year2020 (PHOTO/Courtesy)

And, Entreprise Urwibutso will leverage the expertise in viticulture [grapes growing], technology and wine processing for which the Rhineland-Palatinate is known.

“We shall increase the quantity of our exports in year 2020 in order to meet the growing international demand for our products, particularly Akabanga,” said SINA.

“All people need to eat pepper for good health, vitamins like A, which is rich in pepper [Akabanga] and for the past years the demand has been growing,” he added.

The winner of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Business Excellence Award for Made in Rwanda Enterprise of the year2018 extended gratitude to H.E President Paul Kagame and the RPF-Inkotanyi led government for the prevailing enabling investment environment in the country.

SINA attributes the rapid rate of growth registered by the Made in Rwanda subsector to the conducive environment along relentless efforts by the government of Rwanda to create a robust manufacturing industry to fast-track her ambition to improve the trade imbalance through reduction of imports.  

He thanked his staff, clients and all Rwandans for the support they have given to his company variously without which they would not have recorded any successes.

“I also make special mention of the Private Sector Federation (PSF), RDB and other players in the economy for the efforts they exhibited in the promotion of Made in Rwanda Subsector,” observed SINA.  

ENTREPRISE URWIBUTSO mainly deals in agribusiness and processing of especially agricultural produce. The company produces a wide range of agro-processed goods and beverages including Akandi natural mineral water. Other products are: Akarusho, Akarabo, Akabanga chill oil, Akanoze, Agashya, grape and banana wines, AKA mayonnaise, natural honey et cetera.

SINA Gerard, the owner and Managing Director has promised to increase the list of Nyirangarama products in the New Year. The entrepreneur wishes all Rwandans a happy and prosperous New Year2020 alongside calling on each one of them to work hard and value addition as they engage in the chain of production. He predicted that this year will be better.

6 thoughts on “SINA Gerard to set Nyirangarama products on international standards in 2020

  • 10th February 2020 at 11:55 pm

    SINA is a great man , one of the heroes Rwanda needs today. Big up Mzee

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