We have no plans to freeze YouTube bloggers – RMC

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Following our cartoon article of April 19, 2020, the executive secretary of the Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) told IREME News that RMC did not intend to freeze media activities, including YouTube exploitation.

Emmanuel Mugisha says that during this period of coronavirus, the way journalists are arrested is the same as for other Rwandans, due to violations of the lockdown rules. “We must let justice take its course.” He said

Mugisha remains skeptical about the YouTube content of some bloggers including some media practitioners. “Do you find all those video posts made by most of those youtubers qualify to be branded as professional media products?”  He inquired.

Many journalists have complained about the Rwanda Media Commission press release (dated April 13, 2020), which suggests that YouTube bloggers should not interview the general public on behalf of Media professionals.

Responding to their complaints, RMC Executive Seretary Emmanuel Mugisha said: “People do not understand the difficulties we have encountered with some of these people who upload nonsense on their you tube channels … One of them told me that ‘He is not a journalist, rather he is a YouTube agent. Can you imagine? “

RMC Excutive Secretary refers to the joint meeting between RMC and Youtubers, that took place in December 2019, saying that over 100 youtubers were invited to discuss on how best this media platform can be empowered to serve better.

“Our communiqué was not intended to freeze any media activity. Regarding the youtubers, it aimed to guide them to better serve and to advocate with professionalism. It aims to save the media from the consequences.” He added.

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Have a look at what was discussed between RMC and Youtubers (December 2019)


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